State of the art, Bel Canto Black.

For all of you that have not heard it, the new new Bel Canto Black system is an absolute must hear product, even if you cant afford it. One of the best systems I have heard regardless of cost. Its a system, controller pre amp, and mono block dacs with amps in a single chassis. I am a tube guy, and could not believe what I was hearing from DIGITAL amps, The unforced resolution and "live sound" was amazing. Truly a breakthrough product. Has anyone else heard this system?
my response is a TEST only.
Add Bel Canto to the list of manufacturers using the Hypex Ncore NC1200 modules.
Makes me wonder if they have plans for a pair of conventional monos using NC1200 or if they will limit the use of NC1200 to the flagship Black system.
I hope I have an opportunity to hear it sometime.
Bel Canto Black mono amps sport Hypex NCore custom modules derived from NC1200... The power conversion modules are not NC1200 stock parts per se.... This is according to Jon Stronczer himself when I spoke to him last year.
But yes... The entire Black system does sound incredibly sweet, musical, and resolving.

For information, features, and specs, see:

This sounds great; I have to hear it with Psychic Maps by Dysrhythmia...
To me its not just what amp modules the amps use(which are very important) but the way all of it was designed together, state of the art clocks, dacs etc and how Bel Canto has incorporated them. the Black sytem is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Amazing sound, and once again, I am a tube guy. If I could afford it, I would buy it.