Starting Over: Power My System

I'll be moving in a few weeks to a new home and a new audio space. I'd like some opinions on how to get the best power to my system given the current situation. I'm thinking of two dedicated lines--one to each quad outlet using Porter Ports for outlets. I've also got an Environmental Potentials 2050 which I plan to take from my panel and install at the new location. Here is the situation: The 200 amp service (looks like a standard Murray box) is on the far end of the house. There is a transformer on the pole (nice) but it serves three other houses in the neighborhood (too bad I had my own at the old house). I need to run the dedicated lines nearly the full length of the house in a rather indirect fashion to come up the wall behind where my rack will go. Does it make sense to install a high quality sub panel in the basement below where the wire will come up to the first floor audio room or should I run the dedicated lines directly from the panel to the rack location? Does two dedicated lines sound like the right way to go? I'm thinking one for amp and preamp and the other for digital and other. What else should I be thinking of doing? Perhaps some high quality wire to serve as the dedicated lines? Recommendations for something that is not too expensive--these will be long runs? Other ideas?
Not too sure what your definition of ‘lengthy indirect runs’ may actually be here.

The total distance of the ckt plays a part. But it comes down to heat in essence. See this link for starters:

Stepping up a notch from 12/2 w/grd Rmex to 10/2 w/grd rmex would be my thought IF the overall distance is more than 100 ft from service to outlets.

Yeh, I know the voltage drop is minimal with only one v lost per 100ft, I just llike the idea of overkill.

You certainly can add a disconnect in the basement to sub feed the new ded ckts. I’d add 3 however, not just two 20A ded ckts. One never knows what one might get into later.

If a sub panel of sorts is placed close by then perhaps adding fancy wires or cabling from there up thru the floor and into the walls maybe … could be a thought too.

I’d be more interested at that point in adding an isolation transformer there though than merely a sub panel, or disconnect, that could supply those new ded ckts with cleaner power...

Here’s the thing, installation after the fact can often arise some interesting issues in re-routing fastening, and supporting the cabling. Sometimes the home itself willsay which way you have to run wire, unless you’re all in on redoing walls, matching up and re-painting, spackling, etc. the path of least resistance and incursion is normally best so long as your area electrical code s are observed.

Using pricey designer type wiring may help things, and may not. Were it a short distance 20 – 30 ft I’d think about it myself. Past that I’d not… and just employ the same stuff that is in every home. Romex. Maybe shielded though rather than simple vinyl covered. And move into #10 v #12, BUT use the 20A ckt interrupter hardware.

Think about it al a good bit and draw it out so you can visualize it. Walk thru the run a couple two or three times and be picky and pay attention…. So there’s no surprises during the install..

Good luck
If your going to go 100' and have a basement, add a sub Just make sure the sub is installed correctly and use a slightly bigger wire then you have to. This will allow you to run seperate circuits for analog and digital and place the circuits in the sub with more flexability than the main panel