Starting Over...Need help finding the perfect integrated to replace everything

OK so I am selling everything (Decware Torii, Parasound A2, Tannoy Speakers,) everything except my VPI. I am going to get some more sensitive speakers and I am looking for a class Solid State class A A/B integrated with a nice headphone section (getting rid of that headphone amp etc as well). Preferably with a built in Dac as well (do all integrateds come with DACs now?) and a nice phono section of course.  I have not given any of the class D stuff a listen but maybe that is the direction I must look in? 
If anyone has downsized and are happy with it what did you do?
Pass Labs INT 60 or 250 although neither one offers an onboard DAC or Phono Stage but they sound great. 
A used Luxman L-590AX should be right at the $4000 mark for a pristine example. No DAC, though.
You may have a different set of priorities, but unless space were at an absolute premium I would consider separating the amplification from DAC duties. Why? Because a wonderful integrated like a Pass Labs, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. is nearly timeless and is likely to have a useful life span exceeding that of a DAC section due to the rapid evolution of that technology. That said, I admit the Lyngdorf is an intriguing package, I would like to hear it myself.