Starting over

I recently had to sell my "last" system. The whole thing, due to financial reasons. I am starting over at a much more modest price point. My last speakers were B&W N802's, driven my a Mac 352. Now I'm looking to spend a $1,000 or so. Any suggestions would be would be great.
I am just throwing ou my first thought so make nothing of it!

And I have zero interest or relationship, etc, etc

What abot a Peachtree Decco and a pair of small monitors like ERA D3 or something similar but less expensive, used? You'll need a source, but don't need to spend much there, it seems quite flexible, and you'd have a neat little system. And I mean little.

Or a used Linn classic and an inexpensive pari of speakers?

Either would be a bit eore than 1000, but not by much.

Good luck with it!
The shanling is way too weak for anything but the most efficient speakers. Going with any of the Music Halls will get a lot more power and you can get a class A amp which will get you a lot of warmth. I've seen them used for $500-700. 50 watts will drive most speakers.

you are right, highly efficient speakers will be needed.
Isn't it what I suggested in my post?

I would recommend something like Fostex FE168E∑ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series drivers - about 94.5 db ...which is pretty efficient. Mounted in the horn loaded enclosure ($100-$200 to build) and you have a winner.
A very nice, tube- all in one system that will holds its own in the $1000 price range category.
Bass will be dynamic, punchy with beautiful middle-range and transparency.

But then again.....I could be also WRONG.

Jolida 1501rc used, oppo 981, Green Mountain Europa used, Awesome ,powerful , warm ,clean, and articulate music.