Starting Over

Hi All,

Well I need some advice.

After much trial and tribulations, I decided to sell my gear and start over. As I have stated before, I had to relocate my system into as very small room (9’x11’) and it just did not work. My old gear included a Cary 303 CDP/Rouge 99 preamp/BAT Vk-200 Amp/Dynaudio 1.3 Mk II.

Right now I am “holding the fort” down with my old but reliable Luxman reciverR-1050/ Cal audio DX-1 CDP/ and EPI A500 speakers.

Since the room is small, I don’t need a lot of power, but I do want something that gets the timber and the subtleties of the instruments right. I listen to mostly to small scale Jazz combos and female vocals. I also listen to some pop but mostly as background music.

I am looking to spend about $1000-$1500 used on a CDP and about $1500-$2000 on an intergrated amp, and about $1000-$1500 on speakers (something with a small footprint and don’t need to be placed in the middle of the room to sound good). Tubes might be an option, but I am concerned about matching the amp with the right speakers.

Anyway if anyone has some suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Remember, I am always looking for that magical, synergistic system that does not cost an arm and a leg.
Aerial Acoustic Model 5 monitors used $1000
Odyssey Stratos amp ( new $1000
Odyssey Tempest preamp new $1000
Sony Dvp s9000es dvd/SACD/cd player used $600
Bag End Infrasub 18" subwoofer used $900
Cabling used $500
I have a friend that was looking for the same thing on a $5000 budget. He got a Sony SCD777es, Rogue Tempest magnum tube integrated, and a pair of Pro-Ac Response 1.5 speakers. He is very happy with it and I thought it sounded great also.
I just heard my friends new small system:
Speakers:------------------------Meadowlark Kestrals Hot Rod
Integrated Amp--------------------------Electrocompanie EC-3
DVD/CD:-------------------------------------------Arcam DV-8
Sounded quite nice. He too moved to a smaller room from a much bigger room and system. Haven't heard it but I suspect that the Pathos Integrated might sound nice if you wanted to add tubes. Good luck.
There are a variety of 2A3 and 300B integrated amps that can be had for around $1000, a set of Lowther medallions
for around $2500 with nice drivers and a Toshiba sd9200 (DVD-A, CD, HDCD)for less than $800. Add a sub and you have a nice system for close to your budget. This will be magical on female vocals and small jazz combos. Saxophones will be right there in the room with you. They also do not have to be out in the room to sound good.

Do a search here on 2A3 and then 300B to see some of these amps.
Soliloquy 5.0 monitors and Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrated is a very nice combo that works well together.
Manley Stingray, ATC monitors, Jupiter CDP.
Just some thoughts, I havn't heard these together, but are well respected.

Meridian 508.24 CDP
Plinius 8100 or 8200 integrated
Revel M20 speakers
Cary SLI50 integrated amp 30wpc pure class A tube, there's one for sale now. For speakers, if you want to set up a near field in this small room use LS35A model speakers, awesome imaging and soundstage, otherwise Proac 1SC's with a Sony ES cdp and PS Audio P600 to power it all.
I would recommend:

Naim Nait 3 /w Flatcap $1000
Naim CD3.5 $895 (could add flatcap for $395)
Proac 1.5 $1650

all for sale right now on Audiogon
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your responses. You all gave me a good starting place.
this is my 2nd system, iheard this speakers so good and
and this amp mono block the le amp from $500
speakers 6.9 marble from norh,ah cd player with upsampler modified power cord using top gun custom power cord,also using model 11 for both le amp,using ps 300conditioner,Iam using audio art preamp used if you cant find go for the morrisson solid state, cables cardas golden cross,harmonic tech pro silway ,and truth link , this system is so musical,if you can afford the marble 9 even better $3000 , 6.9 $950 morrisson $750 , ah cd $1000, ps audio $950 used , top gun $300, model 11 2 pairs used $400, auidio art $1200 used,this system is very, very can e mail me if you want, i spent time with my stereo a lot.