Starting HT from scratch - 6k budget

I am starting a 5.1 HT setup from scratch. No cables,wires,etc. I believe that I want a new Pioneer plasma 65" zt60. Beyond that, I am not entirely sure where to go with amplification, source and speakers. I will probably wire the system with blue jean cables speaker wire and interconnects.

Speakers will be freestanding. I want a solid economical system that still very enjoyable for HT . this is HT so a decent sub is important to me - I am leaning toward rythmik subs. I have no idea what direction to go with the 5 channels, amplification or source. Bang for the buck is a must. new or used with preference going toward wicked new products or dependable used. Anyway - any input would be great

77cooper is your friend...

RTI is also your friend unless you want lots of remote controls. I have one and it is a great remote control system. Save room in your budget for this or something similar.
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HOw big is the space, and long wall or short wall? How high is ceiling? What are acoustics like? (I wouldn't recommend open wide dispersing loud speakers on a short wall with flat surfaces surrounding, and so on). Is it strictly HT?
How many seating positions? (is it just you in a center seat?) Is it a home where noise doesn't matter, within?..or an upstairs appartment or condo, with walls that adjoin other neighbors?)What have you liked in the past/recently that you can reflect on? (everyone has different gear, and ends up so most every time)
Can't really recommend without knowing some more stuff bout ur deal. Thanks
WHAT?! NO 120+ inch REAL home cinema image using a projection system an screen!???
Small image, small sound.. How about a nice sound bar to go with those dimensions?! That would keep everything nice and compact and tidy, both visually and soundwise!
Why get carried away with the extraneous. I always say