Starting a thread and then disappearing

I've noticed this time and again. People come hear starting a thread to get some advice, then never return. What is it with this? My theory is that since a thread may not get responses right away, in this instant gratification age the person gets impatient and starts the same thread in 2 or 3 other forums(I've actually seen this) and never comes back to the Audiogon thread.

I have definitely seen that some of the members here offer excellent advice, far beyond my experience. I belong to several audio forums and have read all kinds of nonsense being presented as advice. I'm sure bad advice gets offered here too it's just that generally speaking it seems to be a cut above places like AVS.

But for the drive thru crowd if they haven't gotten a response in short order they abandon ship. I guess they end up with the advice that they deserve.
I think, for the most part, one of two things happen. They either get the info they are looking for and just take it with no response, or they see the issue sparks a lot of debate with some of the members here and just don't want to get involved.
You raise good points. I've seen debates get heated in other forums as well(human nature being what it is) and I suppose it can be off putting. But to get responses and never show up again is bad etiquette. To copy and paste the same OP on 3 forums is also poor etiquette, or so some of the forum rules would suggest. But whatever, people are going to do what they're going to do.
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The way I look at it is that many times, others benefit more than the m.i.a. op and also, years later, some random person will benefit from reading an archived ghread also.

Most of the time, the op has already made thier minds up and just want positive reinforcement about thier deicision. If the advice differs from what they want to do, they'll just do what they want anyways
"Most of the time, the op has already made thier minds up and just want positive reinforcement about thier deicision. If the advice differs from what they want to do, they'll just do what they want anyways
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Unfortunate but untrue.
02-08-15: Simao writes:
Get them while they last!
They probably won't - neither will Wavetouch.

Runnin, what's the big deal? This is supposedly a forum to find information, is it not? Let me offer a common scenario: People are interested in perhaps buying a particular product and ask questions whether anybody has any opinions. Then they listen for responses (and may or may not offer a quick "thanks everyone I'll go check it out")and then who knows how long it will take until they actually listen to that item or make a purchase. By the time they get around to making the purchase, the original thread is old and long dead. The ship has sailed on the thread so why go back and resurrect it just to "report back?"

But something tells me some folks get on here not to find and offer useful information but rather to fill some kind of social need and make "friends" or bond with other audiophiles in some virtual way. Not everyone is interested in that in the least.
Zd542, Very true. And normal human behavior in everything not just audio.
Our subconscious makes the decision and we then rationalize it.
An interesting yet utterly pointless thread. Also, have you heard Wavetouch speakers? They cure dandruff and eliminate dust particles from the air. A must hear...
b_limo, yeah, a lot of newbies and others just want reinforcement.

Another type of poster also bugs me, the type that pushes a certain brand all the time and it makes one suspect they are a dealer or at least someone selling it. Some identify themselves as dealers at least, and others are just irritating fanboys, you have to learn to recognize those with agendas I guess.
Why do you think an OP should re-post in a thread? If his question is answered - or more likely, various completely different opinions are offered - no further input from the OP is required. Occasionally, an actual answer deserves a thank-you, but there's no reason to feel hurt if an OP just reads the answers and doesn't clutter up a thread with pointless kudos.
It has nothing to do with kudos, and "re-posting" is when someone double posts the same post. To continue a conversation is something different. Obviously etiquette is lost on you.

Often a question has many facets that need to be dealt with before hand. A dude wants to buy a new avr. What needs to be dealt with first is what speakers he's driving, what size room, what components he'll connect, what volume levels he's looking for. He posts asking about an avr and then never comes back to state room size or speakers, so never gets an answer at all.

Now that is what clutters up the forum, countless 3 and 4 post threads that go nowhere.
I totally agree with Runnin, all of those details need to be taken into account and even other questions as well such as what type of music is listened to and what accessories are used in order to give someone good product advice.

All too often many of those variables are left out of the equation by the OP and people just start of spouting different brands that the OP'er should consider buying.
If our beloved Audiogon admin would actually update this "forum" interface to 2015 standards, this probably wouldn't be as much of a problem. I fail to see why we don't have threaded posts, the ability to post images and likes, the ability to quote from one or more preceding posts. You know - all that stuff that came about 15 years ago.