Starting a second system

I want to start a second system in my house, in my study. 
I would like a small integrated tube amp, to b paired with small bookshelf speakers, and then use a blue sound streamer for the music.  It would b nice to b able to use headphones.
i wouldn’t mind if the amp were from a smaller company, not as well known.
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Depending on the efficiency of the speakers and the volume required, I would recommend the Coincident Dynamo II (8wpc).  However, you didn't specify a budget.  Do you have a ballpark figure for the amp?

I just heard the fritz carrerra speakers. They were awesome, so amp at $3500 or less 
Leben integrated driving Falcon's. Have a friend who heard, and raved about this combo. 
Another Leben/ Falcon recommendation. Call Charlie at Stereo Haven in Illinois.

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The Rogers here fits the bill. Close to your budget and has a lifetime warranty. Partner with some Revel two-ways.
I wondered how I would get ahold of a Lebanese, thanks.
and I’ve looked at Rogers. That is the feel I’m going for.
2 good suggestions to look at so far. Thanks.
The Leben CS300XS would be my first choice.  Some small Proacs would be a good speaker match.
At less money, the Quad VA One offers the same power output and el84 tubes.
AZ Hi Fi in Phoenix carries Leben.  Excellent dealer in my experience.
Everyone is so helpful. Thank you
Decware Zen Tori Jr (or Zen Tori II) 20 or 25 watt (Jupiter Bees wax Cryo Treated Caps used thru out. I would ask to upgrade to Jupiter Copper/Wax Paper Caps.

Gibbon 3XL (with or without stands) 92dB / 8 Ohms

Theres also good SET options if your interested
The Fritz Carrera's were beautifully driven by 8 watts at CAF, so that Rogers integrated should work very well indeed.
Thanks, that is very helpful info. This is such a great community.