starting a new system with Epos ELS-3

I need some suggestions to build a new system around the Epos ELS-3 speakers. The system will be in a 13x18 ft. room and it will be a dedicated music only CD system. I would like an integrated amp,a CDP and possibly a cost including the ELS-3s should not exceed $2500.
A British amp would mate well with the speakers. Creek and Arcam both make excellent integrated's that can be picked up rather cheaply on A'gon (under 1k). Throw in a Music Hall (CD25), NAD (541I) or Cambridge CDP (500 model??), add a HSU (2 series)sub and you are in business.

Don't forget cabling though, it is just as important. Analysis Plus and Kimber are two that come to mind. You should also think about power cords. Many can be found under $100.

One combination that would partner very well with the EPOS ELS-3 is: NAD C 320 BEE (integrated amp; $400 new) and the Music Hall MMF CD 25 (cd player; $ 540 new). These two components absolutely sing together and produce a musical, revelatory sound with real depth. The EPOS are also capable of capturing a performance's subtle nuances. The only caution would be that the EPOS can not be driven that loud, which should work out fine with the NAD, which is 50 wpc.

Regards, Rich