starting a 5.1 or 7.1 surround

I am looking for my best option for a sound system. Box systems get reviews that are less than what i'm looking for. I have equipment from an older stereo that I would like to use if it is possible. So if anyone has knowledge,
here goes; my equip. Adcom amp. #545II 100/rms @ 8/ohm, 150/rms @ 4/ohm. Adcom tuner/preamp. #GTP-350 and a pair of Infinity Kappa 7.1 speakers 6/ohm 30 to 250 watt rms rating. Can any of this equipment be used in a new multi-
channel surround sound system? Thanks for anyones advice.
Hi Oldpuck! I hope that the screen name shows a love for hockey. It's always nice to meet a fellow-fan online.

I think it would be helpful to know what you are thinking about in terms of budget. That will help determine some of the recommendations and options. Also, do you have any aesthetic constraints?

Regarding your question, Adcom makes and has made great equipment for years. Adcom was synonymous with solid value for years--especially in the 1990s. If you have a good working Adcom amp, then you have a good foundation and can reuse that amp in a home theater setup and then supplement it with an additional multichannel amp. You can put the adcom to power your front speakers or the sides or rear speakers.

I'm not familiar with the Infinity Kappa series, so if you like the way they sound, then that is great! You want your front three speakers ideally to be perfectly timbre matched, so using the Kappa speakers as side or rear surrounds may make the most sense.

The Adcom tuner is a 2-channel preamp if I recall so you can still use it for your sources to play 2-channel music if you like the way it sounds and performs or you can retire it and use a new home theater preamp. So to summarize:

1) You can reuse the Adcom Amp and supplement it with a new, 3 or 5 channel multichannel amp (3 channel if going 5.1 or 5 channel if going 7.1)
2) You can reuse the Infinity speakers if you don't have aesthetic limitations.
3) You will probably end up retiring the Adcom preamp

Hope that's a good start. Those are just my thoughts and opinions.

Have fun and good luck!

Thank you very much Theo! This is just the info I was looking for. My budget is limited and am trying to get
the biggest bang for the buck. My taste exceeds my budget
greatly and my wife doesn't understand why there is a need
for great sound.
I am looking at a budget amp "Denon" AVR-2113CI and will need a sub/woofer, center, and two relatively small left & right speakers for the rear. The speakers i'm having a more difficult time finding.
Theo, I am in the dark with how my old 2 channel amp connects to the new multi-channel. Any info on this?

Yes "Old Puck" refers to hockey. I've been a fan since the late sixties, the Original Six days and I was a rink rat where the NYRangers used to practice. I'm the kind of fan that loves watching any good game as well as my team the NYR's. Now with the strike it's been college or EHL.

But my real joy of this game is that I still get to play every week. I've been playing in a men's league for many years and hope I never have to hang up my skates.
Our team does some traveling on tournaments. Do you play? Thanks again for your reply Theo.


I took a quick peek at the Denon AVR-2113CI. I'm not familiar with the unit. It doesn't appear to have "Pre outs" so you would not be able to reuse your Adcom amp with this receiver. Some receivers have "pre out" jacks that allow you to use an external amplifier on some of the speakers. Check out for great deals on Denon systems. I'm really a fan of supporting local dealers, but you can get refurbished gear with full warranty at 30%-50% off. If your price point is around $600 you should be able to get a great deal on a receiver there. I'd also suggest checking your local audiophile and home theater dealers and see if they have any demo gear if you don't want to pay new or retail. I've never heard the ADCOM amp, but my hunch would be that it would perform better than the amplifier section of a receiver in this price range (but that's pure conjecture).

I'm with you re: Hockey. Any game is a great game. I wish they'd end the silly strike. Since you're a fan from the 60's, I met Gordy Howe some years ago and pulled out some signed pics of his. I haven't played in years and years. I get a chance to skate a handful of times each winter; but playing in a league just hasn't been in my schedule unfortunately. I miss skating and playing on a regular basis.
The Infinity Kappas are keepers. Hang on to them. They are beautiful too!
Of all the equipment you listed, the 2 channel Adcom power amp and speakers can definitely be used in a 5.1 or 7.1 config.

Since we don't know budget, lets start the cheapest way - get a 7.1 or 7.2 channel AVR with a full set of PRE-OUTS. You can use the AVR's internal amps for your center & surround speakers. Subwoofer(s) are already powered. Run a pair of RCA interconnects from the pre-out L/R main jacks on the AVR to the RCA inputs on the Adcom. Hook up your Infinity Kappas to the Adcom and the rest of the speakers to the AVR. Run the AVR's room correction program and all 6 or 8 (sub included) will be equalized for your listening room. This config will leave the AVR to only have to power the center & surrounds, a task that most AVR's are up to. The Adcom still does the heavy lifting for the L/R mains. I really don't see how the Adcom pre-amp can be used in a modern HT configuration. You will get a tuner in the AVR.

Finally, if you don't like the performance of the AVR's amps, you can add a 3 or 5 channel amp (depending if you want 5.1, 7.1 or even 7.2) to the unused PRE-OUTs and still use the Adcom. Thats why you should get an AVR with full set of PRE-OUTS right away so your prepared in case you want to pursue this final scenario. Good luck!

I'm in a similar situation, Old 2-channel stuff, integrating with new. I have a new receiver as the control center that will run surrounds, and an old Yamaha MX2 amp (similar to the Adcom, but the Adcom's probably better) powering Infinity Kappa 7's (earlier versions of your 7.1's). Works great!