Star Wars: Return of the Dorks

With so much discussion about Star Wars Attack of the Clones, here's something to watch. Check out this link. It is a clip from the Conan O'brien show and is one of the FUNNIEST pieces I've ever seen. It does take a while to download if you don't have high speed internet, but after rolling around on the floor laughing it'll be worth it. My favorite part is when triumph starts humping Darth Vader. What???? Check it out to see.

I had this link for the same file -

I agree... this interviewer was a HOOT!

"Statego - this game is normally played 12 year olds"
I also loved what he said to the pregant lady about her baby nerd and the last time he would ever see......
"super nerd, it's looks like you were built in a laboratory from parts of lesser nerds"
"Burger King, where all dragon masters eat"
"have you ever talked to a woman without having to give your credit card number?"
when talking with Darth Vader "this box is to help your breath, eh? Which of these buttons calls your parents to come pick you up?"

I'm cryin' now just thinking about...
the sad thing is the Mac users can't download since it's a windows media file. :(

Thanks for sharing!
That's great! Thanks for posting the link!
That was soooooooooo funny!! Thanks for the link ~Tim
I would love to see Triumph visit an audiophile show ...
hehehehehhe..... Turnaround, I wonder if it would be much different.....maybe no costumes......... {big smirk} -aj
OMG!!! To be laughing aloud while at home alone MUST mean this is funny...but what's even funnier is I could see myself in that movie line-up!!!!!