Star Wars?

Hi... I have heard that the Star Wars (Ie. IV, V, VI) movies that are available on DVD as well as those that come in the DVD Trilogoy Boxed Set are not the same as those that we saw when we were kids / young adults. Is this true? Does anyone have any further information as to what specifically has changed other than effects?

Yep, they have changed quite a bit. Here is a site I found for ya:
Jdcrox, indeed they have! Thank you very much! That link is extremely informatiive. Googling around I couldn't find anything quite as good. Thanks again!
"Ah.. Star Wars!
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When I thought about getting the DVD, in the light of the re-do of the first three and the release of new ones, Nick popped in to my head, and then I decided not to.
LOL, I typed in "star wars changes" in Google and that was the first one that popped up! Was lucky, since that was the exact site I was looking for.