Star Sound Tech Sistrum Apprentice: Anyone use the 2.3" platform (SA-102-3)?

Everything I've found in reviews and forum discussions is about the 3.3" model, SA-103-3, so I'm wondering if there are any current or former 102-3 owners? I ask because with a Lampi tube dac and Supratek preamp (two pieces) the 3.3" total model leaves only an inch at most above the taller tubes to the shelf above. The 2.3" model is presented as the step up from the shortest model and also as a shelf topper, so I'm wondering what one might expect from it. Thanks,

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I have been using it since shortly after it was released and it will make a CLEARLY audible difference in the sound of your DAC. The sound will snap into focus even though you probably think that is already focused.
 I highly recommend it.
I have the SP-101 platforms under my speakers, and yes, they are much more expensive, but the difference they make is literally night and day. I just upgraded them by adding his brass inverts on each of the 6 up-facing cones. Another audible improvement!
As an added bonus they make adjustments of the speakers on the platforms so much easier.