Star Sound Tech Sistrum Apprentice: Anyone use the 2.3" platform (SA-102-3)?

Everything I've found in reviews and forum discussions is about the 3.3" model, SA-103-3, so I'm wondering if there are any current or former 102-3 owners? I ask because with a Lampi tube dac and Supratek preamp (two pieces) the 3.3" total model leaves only an inch at most above the taller tubes to the shelf above. The 2.3" model is presented as the step up from the shortest model and also as a shelf topper, so I'm wondering what one might expect from it. Thanks,

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I had the SP 103-3 under my Pass Labs amp and was very impressed with the results. Not only did the bass improve but the mid-range and top end was smoother with more detail. Bigger sound stage too.I have since moved on to the original Sistrum platforms and they are amazing. For the money though the Apprentice platforms offer a lot bang for the buck. Highly recommended.