Star Saphire Motor Spindle

I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the height of the motor on this TT? The motor is running fine, but the pully is resting on the little green pad that surrounds the spindle and its making a grinding noise.There is a little vertical play and the noise goes away if I lift the pully by sticking my fingernail under it and lifting up. Is there anyway to adjust this? I'm hoping it doesn't require a trip to the factory.
From what I remember as a Sota dealer in the '80s, the Sota's black plastic pulley is a "press fit" onto the motor spindle. What is pressed down, can be pulled back up.... just apply equal upward pull against two sides such that you do not bend the spindle.

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And the answer is: According to Sota this is a common problem with Series III Sapphire motors if they get jostled in transit. There is a very small hole in the bottom of the TT directly beneath the motor axl. Quarter turn to the right and voila, no more noise. I did it with the feet at the edge of the kitchen counter so I didn't even have to flip the deck over - just did it from underneath. Perfect (and man, what a relief!)