Stanton Turntable Listening quality - how are they

My 19 year old daughter have been asking to get a turntable for some time now and I was wondering how good are the Stanton units (not the scratchers, but the ones with the proper tone-arm (like the T.92 USB). I haven't seen too much critique of these units from a pure listening POV.


IMO I'd sooner buy a good vintage unit from the late 70's or early/mid 80's and add an outboard ADC unit if transfering vinyl to computer is a part of the goal. Or I'd look at Project, Music Hall, Dual, or Thorens entry level units if you want a new table in and around that unit's price point.

I mean the Stanton may sound adequate but looking at its specs tells me its more show than go and its built in RIAA eq and ADC unit are marginal at best for making analog to digital transfers.