Stanton Moore....have you heard his stuff

cool stuff----- I guess its progressive Jazz. I tripped over him while an excursion in the search for Koop brought up "Flown the Koop".

nice mix of music and more "musical" then many "drummer" discs I have heard
Stanton is amazing and the disc is terrific.
Excellent to see live.

Make sure you buy every Galactic album as well.
would love to see him live...any other suggestions for discs that groove?
Galactic and Garage A Trois both feature 'Ol Stanton.

There are 3 galactic studio albums, a live album, and a recent release that is sorta somewhere in between. Some previously released material, some new, some live some studio.

I've got some decent recordings of Galactic, too, back from my field recording days.

I've seen galactic many times live, they never, ever fail to impress, and they are my favorite band that is "alive" (i.e. touring, making records on a regular basis) right now.

Check them out, you will not be disappointed.
It's wonderful to hear that someone else is venturing into an area of music that I did ,also, about 1yr. ago.

Check out:
Greyboy All-stars
Soulive (my personal favorite, check out their first or last 2 albums, the middle 2 suck)
Karl Denson
Groove Collective
Brooklynn Funk Essentials
Liquid Soul
The Slip
Joshua Redman
Masters of Groove
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Papa Grows Funk
Jimmy Smith

If you go to Amazon check out the Jazz jam band section. Then look at the favorites lists on the right side of the screen.

This should get you going.
Marsh - nice list! I have been listening to much of the same over the past three years, and it's currently right at the top of my "favorites" list. Soulive and Liquid Soul are two of my favorites. Absolutely love Galactic. Would add The Meters to the list for anybody who hasn't heard them. I also got a good cd from Tiny Town a while back - more New Orleans jazz funk.

And, yes, the Stanton Moore cds are excellent.
DIG IT!!!!!!!! Outside of Joshua Redman and Medeski, Martin & Wood I have not even heard of these others!!!!! I am on as soon as I hit the "SUBMIT MY POST" button below---thanks Marsh!!!!!!
Just to add a few more:

Funky Meters (available at musictoday)
I also enjoy The Meters
Robert Randolph
Airto Moreira (a brazilian precusionist who is truely under-rated)
Deep Banana Blackout
Funky Precedent (a compilation of the roots of jazz funk)
James Hurt
Count Basie
The Crusaders
Addison Groove Project

If you weren't a jazz fan before you will be after absorbing afeww of these. The only downside is that I find myself wishing that some of the other bands/artists that I listen to would "rub a little funk on it".
Great thread!!! Many of these bands are new to me... so I will definitely be checking them out. Stanton Moore's "Flyin' the Koop" is fantastic! Also, if you haven't heard MMW live, you owe it to yourself to do so (definitely one of my favorite bands)!