Stanton LZS cartridge replacement stylii

Fellow audiophiles:

Years ago Stanton made some Low Impedance cartridges that used a 100 ohm load. I had one and liked it but Stanton stopped offering replacement stylii.

It seems like these could combine the high compliance and trackability of the MM cartridges with the simplified loading of MC cartridges.

Since the low impedance coils are in the cartridge and the moving magnets are in the replaceable assembly, it seems like a stylus from a standard Stanton cartridge would work though of course with reduced output.

Has anybody tried this? I could probably find an old LZX cartridge but want to have factory-fresh stylii.

It's a bit ironic that DJs who torture records and stylii seem to have kept Stanton in business!

Please let me know if you have used newer Stanton or Pickering stylii successfully in a Stanton LZS cartridge.
fellow geezer - I have a 980LZS and love it!!NOS stylii are hard to come buy and have been creeping up in price on ebay. Alot of people seem to recommend the Jico replacement stylii and they have one for the 881, which is essentially the same.

Jico Japan 881shibata
Storyboy: Thanks for your inputs, sorry for the slow response. I got an email from saying they had some OEM styli for this cartridge. I have not dealt with that company but their turntable mods got a good writeup in "The Sensible Sound". HG