Stanton Cartridge CRAZ 520 SK question

Can I use the following cartridge for home use on my Technics Turntable sL1600 ?
Stanton Cartridge : Craz 520 SK  with a D5100AL ll stylus.
Good Match for vinyl?
Thank you
You are probably talking about signature DJ Craze cartridge made by Stanton about 20 years ago. You can use it if the stylus is not worn out. This is a professional model for DJing. "SK" is most likely Skratch, well it must be conical tip designed for high tracking force as most of the professional carts. However, make sure the stylus is in perfect condition and try it. Do not expect "amazing sound", this is entry level professional cartridge, the goal of professional carts is high durability, sound is ok, but nothing special. You can try a different stylus on your cartridge, Stanton styli are interchangeable.
Throw that Stanton away and buy a Hana SL mc cartridge! Worlds of musical discovery await you!
There are actually hundreds of better Hi-Fi cartridges to choose and i would never start from any MC, just Moving Magnet or Moving Iron with removable style ONLY.
Dear @rocky1313 : Due that you own at least 2 MM/MI cartridges the @roberjerman advise is really good.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,