Stanley Linbar UD-6.5

Has anyone ever heard these speakers? My dealer has a set that he says might be good for me, I almost never "turn it up". I did enjoy hearing them but cannot find a great deal of information about them online. I understand they were in the $4500 price range and I may be able to purchase them in the area of $2500 - a decent break I guess. Still, finding little information and no reviews online makes one move nice and slow in these matters. Thanks, Klhender
Nice and slow sounds like a smart decission to me. They were made by a small startup i beleive in TX and could always be had for under 2500, not sure if they are still in business. A guy named Geno was pushing them awhile back on AudioShopper and other sites for under 2000. If not still in business i would be hesitant to purchase in fear of any needed service or the like of. Best to see if the manufacture is still up. I know it was a small startup like many of the small cable sellers at this site. But really know nothing much except what little i stated from speaking with Geno. He swore they were great sounding speakers. Geno sold alot of discontinued Monarchy Audio products out of CA close to Monarchy's home. He would take your order and go pick up the item from Monarchy. Maybe others can help more.
I don't know what the connection is between them, but i have always seen (even outside of Gino) the Stanley Linear's set-up or advertised with Monarchy gear. Maybe it's just a very "synergistic" combo. I did get a chance to hear them quite a bit at the Stereophile show in Chicago last year. While they were being driven by Monarchy gear exclusively ( which is typically very smooth and warm sounding )and being demo'ed by C.C. Poon of Monarchy, the system sounded very nice with no noticeable peaks, forwardness or tendency towards being abrasive or glaring. How they would do at very low volumes, i don't know. In terms of pricing, i do know that they had several different "optional upgrades". From what i can recall though, $2500 would not be a BIG discount even with those installed. Sean >