Stanley Clarke Trio: Jazz in the Garden, now what?

I was just going to put this CD in my shopping basket when I spotted a Japanese import version that costs almost twice the non-import's price, BUT the Japanese issue also has one additional track on it "L's Bop"! I suppose "L" is Lenny White, so I would think that is the one to go for, or is it? But wait, perhaps there is difference in sonic quality as well?

Or should I perhaps just buy the double LP which, luckily, also features all 13 tracks.

I have no clue what the record company has been thinking here, but I don't find it amusing.

Has anyone compared both CD releases, perhaps the LP as well?

Thanks for your thoughts.
record companies have done this since the sixties....different territories can mean different cover art, track sequencing, number of tracks, etc are have access to the world. if you don't want the extra track don't buy the import. easy access to imports has made things confusing to say the least....i suspect the japanese run will be worth more than the purchase price in a few years (limited runs) as will the lp version.
I have eventually ordered the Japanese issue, so delivery took a while. This is one fine record and if you like this music, I must strongly recommend the full 13 tracks version. Very varied material including a surprising and powerful cover of the Chili Pepper's "Under The Bridge" (never thought this was possible without Kiedis's voice), but also one of very few covers of a Japanese traditional that actually work from a musical perspective not just as an intellectual exercise. Awesome soli to spice it up AND sonically exquisite production. This may become one of my new test cd's (Clarke finger knuckling his double bass on "Paradigm Shift" alone will tell you a lot about the ability of your system to render the correct timbre of wood). Think I might get the LP as well.