Stands/Stabilizer for Focal Profile 918

I'm looking for a good solution to stabilize my Focal Profile 918 floorstanding speakers.
I had the same speakers and tried allsorts of bases for them. I stone, stone on a thin carpet, bdr everything, maple blocks, bamboo blocks and ikea butcher blocks. I found the best sound was achieved with hard stone tiles on a thin jute carpet on my hardwood floor. You will likely have different results because your electronics and room configuration are likely different than mine. The only way is to experiment like crazy. Try some black diamond racing stuff as well. I had decent results with three cones under each speaker anchored in bdr pucks. The speakers will sit quite stable on the plane formed by the three cones and the pucks privide added stability.
I'm partial to the Sound Anchors stands. They've been around for ages & build a nice product. If you provide proper measurements they can make sure you can bolt the stand/cradle to the speaker via the spike mounts.

I have small kids & this helped mitigate the chances of injury to them or the speakers for that matter. My speakers weight a ton & this significantly helped with the lateral movement. With the cradle style the appearance of the speakers is maintained so not as much worry on the WAF side either (if that is of significance to you). On that note it also keeps an errant vacuum from grazing the sides too.

When I had these speakers I used Symposium Svelte Shelves. They worked great.
What ever I get, I want them to work when I upgrade to the Electras.
Also, FYI - I have carpet. I have been using the spikes but lets just say they're not the most stable of speakers.
I got a 12x12 piece of granite tile.(I have wood floors) Seems to work, maybe not as great as some of the other products but seems to add some focus to the bass. I may run over and have the granite store hook me up with a 1"x15x12 pieces and see if the thicker pieces work better.
**** I have carpet floors.
The electra's are a huge leap over the 918's in every way. A bigger and more robust sound. I went from 918's to 1027 BE's. I recommend you save the money for the stands and use it to save up for electra's. I also found that the electra's in my system sounded better directly on the carpet floor with no spikes, stands or mounts. The electra's integrated seemless this way with my subwoofer. I tried them with the Svelte shelves as I used with my 918's. I ended up selling them and keeping the extra cash.