stands. mdf or steel

Wilson Cubs. too expensive to buy the original stands. does it really matter if i choose a stand made of mdf. and fill them with sand/led? Tyler Acoustic has a stand called the model one that would look absolutely stunning with the cubs. i got Sound Anchors made for the Cubs in steel, but not nice looking.. what to do..
My experience is totally with Sound Anchors, so my first instinct is to suggest you go with them.

On the other hand, your not asking about replacement speakers for your Wilson Cubs, telling me you like the sound your getting and looking for a tweak.

Based on that, you would probably be happier with the Tyler model one, looking and listening to the upgrade at the same time.
Wow, how can you beat logic like Albert's. I guess if you really want confirmation that you picked the right speaker stand material, why not find out what the material is for the Wilson stands. Afterall, I suspect they "voiced" the speaker on that stand.
well, i sent an email to Wilson. they use mdf in speakers, but only where it doesnt need to be at its best. they also cover it up with the socalled x material. they didnt tell me what the stands are made of, but i mentioned the Tyler Acoustics model one stand, and they were postitve to me trying. they thaught it might be a better choice than the Sound Anchors i currently have... something about the drivers might be too close to metal in the stands. so - why not try it. too bad i got the Sound Anchors flown in to me from the states..cost me 1100$. now i have to do it all over again.. what doesnt one do for a little kick in this hobby?