Stands make a huge difference with ProAc

I just purchased a pair of second hand Response 2, I'm very happy with the vocals etc, but a speaker of this size should produce more BASS. I'm using some decent quality wood stands for now. Would some heavy duty Target R2 stands make a huge difference. I'm also using SS with a passive pre, I may have to invest in a tube amp. They just don't sound like they did at the dealer some time ago. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too. I don't want to give up on them yet though because I've read some very good reviews.
As far as I know, Target is went out of business, but they may have reorganized. I think that stands would make a big difference. My recommendation is the call the guys at Sound Anchors. They really know what they are talking about when it comes to speaker stands and will custom build one specifically for your needs.
Yes, stands are very, very, important in getting the most out of a monitor. I don't think you are going to more bass though. You should get tighter bass with a solid stand and it may seeem like more since it will easier to follow a bass line if it is less muddy.

Bass response is also heavily dependent on placement, both the speakers and your listening position. Try moving your chair and/or the speakers, closer to a wall will usually get you some more bass.
OSIRIS stands can be found for $250-$300, I have a set I use under my Vmps 626's. These are very well made and heavy stands (50lb. each unfilled) with good spikes that adjust up or down about 2 inches. Like Herman said, good stands will give you nice tight bass, to get more or less bass out of your speakers you will need to play with placement in your room or maybe even try changing walls. There have been lots of threads about speaker placement, you may want to do a search here on audiogon.
Proac are stand critical. Get the best that you can. It is the difference between loving and hating your speakers.
You can probably produce a fuller (and slightly warmer) tonal balance with either Cardas Golden Cross (Cardas Cross may also work) interconnects and / or speaker wire. Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference or Wow may also produce a similar effect.

You can also transform the sound of these speakers by using one, or ideally two, Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofers, which will seamlessly crossover at 80 hz.

I agree that the right speaker stands are critical to extracting the most from these speakers, but I think adjusting your system's tonal balance will produce your desired effect.
There is not a monitor out there, where stands are not a major player. Target? Osiris? Not my cup of tea. I use the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform System. You can read my review. Remeber: your stands are a fundemental extension of your speaker. The Sistrum system (I don't know of a better one) is based on coupling your speakers to Mother Earth. They do it better than anyone. Check out their website for more info. Robert be da man over there. peace, warren
My Response 2s showed up before the stands did and I thought I'd blown it entirely. They sounded thin and the mid-bass that they should have had wasn't there. I was seriously doubting my purchase until the stands showed up. The stands I used were the Target RS2s and made the difference. I gather the RS2s were designed in conjunction with the Response 2s, so it really takes both to make the whole. Mine came with the S'phile review of the Response 2s... To quote Corey Greenberg:


Unfortunately, there is *one* teensy-weensy detail: the ProAcs absolutely, positively MUST be used with Target's custom-designed RS2 stands.
"Whew! Is *that* all?! We thought you were going to tell us about some fatal flaw in the--"
The RS2 stands cost 700 clams.
Sorry, but its true. The ProAcs are astonishing *only* when sitting on these muy espensivo sand- or lead-fillable heavy metal Target RS2 stands; used with even the excellent $350 Sound Anchors model I also tried, the Response Twos lose most of their incredible imaging precision and startling-for-the-size bass.
I completely agree with the above statement by Edesilva.
When I recieved my responce 2s I was very anxious to hear them. I did not have the stands so, I placed them on top of the packing cartions. The sound was terrible. I called my dealer and while laughing at me told me to wait for the stands. When I recieved the stands, I laughed too. These speakers are a sonic wonder. in addition to the RS2 stands,
they must be downloaded with sterile sand or lead buckshot.
This too provides a significant improvement. If you feel that you are not getting these stands, sell your Proacs & buy the Legend Audio, but do not forget their respective stands.
I don't know anything about Target stands. I cringe when I hear the word sand filled stands. A big no no when you're (like I am) into resonance transferrence. I'd bet anything that those Proacs (as good as they sound on the Targets) would sound even better on my stands. If they don't sound good on the Sistrums, it's inherent in the speaker. Not the stand. peace, warren
Warren, I cringe when I read posts from people who claim that they have found the holy grail and that the way they are doing it is the only way.

While your stands are designed around a valid concept, just because it works with your speakers on your floor in your room with your other components does not mean that it will give the same results in all situations.

Do you really believe that the only speakers that are properly designed are those that sound best when sitting on a Sistrum stand?
Audiopoints/Starsound Technologies has a money back guarentee. 30 days to see if I'm crazy or dead on. After the 30 days you can post your thank you. True, my stands are twice the price, so they may be a bit steep for some. They are well worth it, though. I'm sure the Targets are good. My stands are amazing...peace, warren

P.S. Any stand with sand in it: how does it channel those deleterious resonances to the floor? What's the avenue of escape from the speaker? There is none. Not a good thing.
Sand is a storage medium. The sand within the stand has a finite storage capacity. So, where does the overflow of collected resonance go, into the floor back in to the speaker? Does the sand impede and slow the transfer of unwanted resonance away from the speaker? If the sand impedes the exit and has finite capacity does the overflow of stored resonance meld and then color the actual sound of the speaker itself? Tom
HUH ? I would think that the resonance energy would get trapped by the sand particles & disperce unless its sand from Coney Island. Look, all I know is that when I moved I removed the sand from tha stands & got rid of it.
I thought that these stands weighed enough & I don't need to make them any heaver. As soon as I set up my system & played a CD, I shut it off, went to Toys R us and bought some sterile sand.
go to audiopoints website and purchase their Microfil Bearings. Won't trap those nasty resonances that your sterile sand is doing so beautifully. Dump that sand out of your stands. You can send me a personal thank you email anytime. If you think your stands sound great now, fasten your seatbelt, you don't have a clue. All kidding aside, try this. It'll set you free. peace, warren
You should also have a listen to the different bass response the speaker provide when the speaker are connected single wire +jumper versus biwered.
The Proac 1SC has gave me a fuller sound when used without the biwiring option.