Stands made a huge difference

I had no idea that good stands could make for such a dramatic improvement.

I had cheap wooden Best Buy stands before, and when one broke (it's a miracle the speaker hadn't come crashing to the floor) I decided it was time to look for something sturdier and better looking. That's all I thought I'd get, really.

I picked up a set of Atlantis Reference 28 stands, tacked the speakers to 'em, and heard an immediate and dramatic improvement.

What improved? Best I can describe it:

- clarity and instrument separation
- significantly more punch
- way deeper bass, I had no idea these speakers were even capable of bass that low

The only question I'm left with is whether there's too much bass now. I'm not used to having such punchy, low bass, so I'm not sure if I need to figure out how to back it down some (I think so). Any suggestions for how to accomplish that?

And, they certainly are sturdier - you could drive a car into these sand-filled things and they wouldn't topple. And, most important, the wife says they look great, so no argument over the purchase!
Try some room treatments for the bass issue. Your room will dictate which sytle, size and quantity you need.

Good luck.
One easy and quick way to adjust the bass from any speaker is to pull them further away from the walls. It may not require much movement at all to get it where you want it, so try small adjustments. On the other hand, you might just want to spend a bit more time with the "new" sound, before making any changes. Having a bit more time to acclimate to what sounds like a signficant change is never a bad idea. The new tonal balance may end up being "better" than what you had before, but since it's also different, it could take some getting used to. Glad to hear you got such a great improvement!
play with placement, move the stands out a little and bass will diminish...
Moving the speakers out from the walls did help some. Thanks.
I was also amazed with my Proac2S after recently acquiring Target MR60 stands for them. Significant improvements over the cheap stands that I had been using... Experimenting with my speaker placement now to get the best sound. Good luck with your set-up !
I agree, it is surprising what the right speaker stands can do. Excellent investment.