stands for stacked quads with decca tweeters

I know wayne piquet might make me some, but I am not sue i want to listen with the grilles off. Any good sources for this stand configuration? I hope not to spend a million dollars.
This is always the dilemma with Quads. I have a single pair of Quads rebuilt by PK and in a small room the volume is ok. Stands for stacked Quads are large, expensive and make the system complicated. I have only seen pictures of PK stands and he is one of the few who could make something for you. You also might try Grant Mye at Mye stands. He makes a nice stand for 57's but it is expensive. Mike Cassidy
They make custom stands for stacked Quad.
hi opus, who were you thinking of when you are saying they make stacked quad stands, wayne or Mye? thanks!~
Mothra,some time ago a friend had the stacked Quad/ribbon tweeter speakers.He did not want to pay a premium for the stands,so found a cabinet maker to do the job,for about thirty percent of the retailers price.

I have lost contact with him,but did hear/see his set-up many times.

The particular cabinet maker did a fabulous job,and the entire "shubang" looked amazing!!They were made of wood,and the particular wood/stain was gorgeous.

A little web-search could do you well.

good luck.....the speakers were/are wonderful,IMO.
Sorry, I meant to say that Sound Anchors also make the custom stands for the stacked Quads.