Stands for Soliloquy 5.0 Monitors

These are sweet little speakers. I'm driving them with an ARC integrated (50 watts). My problem is with the selection for stands with them. I home auditioned them with some low-mass (unfilled) Sanus stands. The speakers sounded wonderful, warm and punchy and with very clean/sweet highs. I sent those stands back and purchased the custom Soliloquy high mass stands and filled them with sand. The deep bass is now extremely solid, but the mid-bass is reigned in and they sound a bit thin in the mid-range.
What stands are other Soliloquy 5.0 owners using.
Play with the positioning. I had the 5.0's on their own stands with a Bryston integrated and it was a terrific combo -- no thin mids in three different rooms I used them in. Maybe you need to biwire or upgrade the speaker wires? Maybe pull them out a little from the wall? I'd think of some other solution than replacement of the stands, as those Soliloquy stands are pretty awesome -- better than a lot of other stuff costing more, and mated perfectly with the 5.0's.

Just my opinion. And FWIW, I can't imagine the problem is your amp. So I would try positioning, wire, and I guess third, source -- although you didn't mention what your source was, so for all I know it's a 50K Burmester combo.

Good luck,

The only thing that changed was the stands so that is where I'm focusing my attention. Did you fill your Soliloquy stands with sand? Completely full?

If repositioning the speakers does not work you could try decoupling the speakers from the stands by unbolting them and try using audiopoints (three per speaker, two in the front and one in the back) between the speaker and stand.
Soliloquy 5.0 owners. Please let me know what stands you are using and how you have them filled, and whether you are pleased with the result.

I've got my 5.0's on Sanus Steel Foundations 22" stands, filled with sand and with the speakers sitting on sorbothane pads. The bass is de-emphasized a bit compared to direct coupling the speakers but I'm using a subwoofer with them so that isn't an issue. The mid and upper ranges are very nice. I did have to cut down the upper mounting plate on the stands because it's wider than the speakers but that wasn't a difficult modification and the stands are very nice quality for the price.
How large are the pads? Little discs? or a sheet?

They are pads, you can find them here from another Audiogoner, Zonus.