Stands for Snell E-IIIs

I recently picked up a pair of Snell E-III speakers. Quite impressed, esp. for what they cost. However, I noticed they work better on stands than on the floor. However, the only stands I have that come close to fitting them are cheap 10-12" stands that I had used for a lighter speaker. The Snells sound good w/ these, but the base is too small and flimsy; the speakers could easily fall off if my large dogs or a person ran into them. Can anyone tell me the ideal size stand for these speakers? Any recommendation on a good budget stand? Thanks,
I use the four spikes on the base to level off in each spk. and then elevate the front two spikes slightly to create an incline. Works really well and I never felt the need for any stands. Great loudspeakers! Did you buy the set listed here on A-goN? I was contemplating buying another set of E-III's but the MRS. would not have been pleased. Another can use some carriage bolts w/the right threads and use these instead of spikes. This way you could lift the spks. perhaps two/three inches safely w/o the needs for any stands. Sonically, the spikes would be the perferred way to go. Bill
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Just an FYI. I have the Snell EII’s witch are similar speakers. I needed to have the Mid-Bass woofers replaced because of foam rot. I bought the speakers 15 years ago “new”. Snell not only replaced the drivers, but re-tuned both speakers (using some new electronics & the crossover.) All I can say is WOW!!! They sound better than when I bought them new -- Very smooth, extremely balanced, transparent and beautiful. Even my wife said that they “sounded as smooth as a great bottle of port” -- She love wine and port. I was thinking about selling them on Audiogon because they seemed a little bright & thin – But Mark @ Snell Acoustics said that over the years the driver’s balance can shift one way or the other and that they needed to be tuned-up. So I now have speakers that are a perfect match (I feel better than) to the original EII Master speakers.
The cost was $300.00 for materials and labor. Snell has the original drivers still made for most of their older speakers. They recommend replacing the drivers over “re-foaming” because they can make them sound brand new!!! And I agree 100%.
Snell is still a great company!