Stands for Reference 3A MM deCapo-i

What is the optimum stand height for the MM deCapo-i? I have been told 20", 24", 26". Has anyone out there experimented with different heights? I will be using Skylan stands.
There are many threads on this at the Reference 3a Cirle on audio circle. The cirlce is realitivily new, if you go back a few pages you wil find a bunch.

Take a look, they are very helpful:

I will also save you a bit of reading by giving you a run down, but there is still other information worth reading. Basically they say if the middle or the top 1/3 of the woofer is on axis with your ear that is best. It is not like other speakers were you put the tweater on axis, on 3a's it can be a little bright sounding if you do that. I would listen to yorus and start to lower or raise your self accordinly until it works best for you.

The tweeters should be about ear height. The center of the deCapo tweeters are a touch over 12" from the bottom of the cabinet. My stands are 25 1/2" high, which gives the right height for me sitting in my usual listening seat. With the deCapos, I would err on the short side rather than have the speakers a little too high. If the stands you're looking at have adjustable footers or spikes (esp. if front and back can differ), you shouldn't have any trouble getting your speakers at just the right height.
Check out this link for a discussion on this.

I use the Mpleshade Gibraltar solid maple stand ,it's only about a foot high,more or less. It will give you incredable bass response without upsetting the overall balance. Soundstage is wide/deep and center image is the same as a conventional stand.Hard to believe i know,but I've tried both and the music just sounded fuller with the mapleshades. check out the theory behind the stands and some of his other tweeks at mapleshade records web site.
Well, Nickway's summary of Audiocircle threads is interesting, and different from the setup I ended up with. When messing around with speaker height, I definitely preferred my ears at or above tweeter height. I thought the sound was smoother and more coherent from top to bottom frequencies. It did not sound brighter than when my ears were closer to the midrange-woofer axis -- counterintuitive, perhaps. So many factors... I hope you get stands that will allow you to try a range of "heights" (maybe by tilting the speakers).
Hello Jayboard,

I am not saying that I am right, this is just what I read. Also interesting to note that Tash at Divergent Technologies also recommends this. I have never heard a 3a speaker but I am considering one as an alternitive to some Martin Logans. If I can't find a used pair of ML with in a few hours drive of me I will probably end up buying some De Capo's or Dulcet so I have been doing lots of reading on them latley.

I am also not saying what you are doing is wrong. I am sure that the room and equipment being used will change it. I am just saying that there is not harm in doing a slouch test in order to figure out what is best.

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Nick, I understood and agree with what you were saying. Chances are if that is what they are recommending at Divergent, more people will be happy with the speakers a little higher than the way I have them. As always, it all depends...
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