Stands for PMC FB1+

I would like to get stands for my PMC FB1+ speakers.
Objectives, in order of importance:
(1) Make the speakers more stable / less likely to tip over. (First child arrives soon.)
(2) Improve the sound on current hardwood floor.
(3) Potential to improve the sound on carpeted floor in the future.

Options & problems:
(1) Buy a pair of plinths from PMC. The local PMC dealer said they could not be ordered separately, and I�m not sure they would be wide enough to achieve Obj. 1.

(2) Buy a pair of Sound Anchor cradle bases. Great for carpet, but are they effective on wooden floors? Need to use something other than sharp spikes (see �first child� comment above).

(3) Buy a pair of Sub Dudes, drill the platforms, and attach them with bolts. Would attaching them with bolts interfere with their effectiveness? Supposedly great for wooden floors, but it seems like they would no longer work if / when I move to carpeted floor.

(4) Ask local woodworking shop to make bases that can be attached with bolts. Wooden stands might add resonance problems. Would need spikes or other method of leveling.

I�m leaning toward the Sound Anchors. Is that the best option? Are there other options I haven�t considered? I would welcome any advice you might have. Thanks.
Take a look at these:
Thanks, but the FB1's are floor-standing speakers, so those would not work.

It seems like stands ideal for wood floors would not be ideal for carpeted floors, and vice versa. I've narrowed the choices down to the Sound Anchors or the custom stands. I imagine the custom stands would be like butcher blocks--an inch or two thick, pretty substantial. Any thoughts on advantages / disadvantages of these two choices? Any other alternatives?
Sorry about that, here's some other options:
Thanks, Kana813. The Townshend stand seems like it addresses all of my concerns. It seems like it would work equally well on my current wood floors and, when spiked, on my potential future carpeted floors. The Soundocity stands seem like they might work OK, too, although the big honkin' spikes seem designed for carpet.

I'm going to check in with Townshend and see where I might find them here in the U.S.
Whoa there, partner. Those Townshend stands are expensive. I haven't seen a USD price, but around 1,000 pounds in the UK would mean at least $1,500 in the US. Maybe I'll investigate the Soundocity's. Some threads I've seen have me thinking DIY. . . .