Stands for Nautilus 805 Speakers

A) I just bought B&W Nautilus 805 pair. I want to purchase stands for this pair. Should I go with B&W FS-N805 Silver Speaker Stands OR Sound Anchor stands? Or is there any other option I am missing?
B) I want to buy a sturdy 4-5 rack (preferrably steel) component stand. The largest and heaviest component in my setup is Denon 5800 receiver. Cables are Monster (pretty thick) 2.4M. What should I buy.
C) I have sony 36" XBR TV. I am planning to buy B&W nautilus HTM1 center speaker in future. This stand must accomodate this center speaker (11" height).Looking for a steel stand for this too.
My budget is around $2000. I have contemporay to transitional taste and thinking of long term investment.
Sound anchors!
If you want to hear your speakers go where you never thought they could, then read my review (in the archives) on the Sistrum Mini Monitor speaker platforms. By the way, if your speakers don't go there, they're not capable of it. I use these platforms for my M20s, after bagging the Revel stands that came with them. It's all there, in my review. They are pricey, but read the review. They WILL deliver, and they will, for the future, adjust to ANY monitor speaker. Email me for particulars. You'll be one happy mother if you go this way...
Warrenh is right on this. I have sistrum racks and am getting their speaker stands for my studios. Their stuff makes a real contribution that can be heard.