Stands for Legacy Studio HDs

I’m completely new to monitors and their corresponding stands. For all Legacy owners out there, which stand do you recommend for the Studio HDs? I spoke to Legacy and they recommended the stands be 28"-30" and heavier the better. I don’t want to break the budget (<$300) or slip on ’snake oil’, so I was hoping to hear some recommendations.
I have mine on 24" stands from B&W. this puts the tweeter at about ear level when I sit in my "listening" chair 
These are $175 or less, very sturdy and can be filled if you want. 
What size speaker platform do you need? I have some in storage from owning Dynaudio Contour S1.4, Volent Chorale CL-2 and KEF LS-50. Includes adj spikes, satin black steel in exc cond. Very heavy, filled with silicone gel for sound and vibration control. 6" x 8" top platform and 26" tall. well reviewed and highly recommended. PM me if interested.
There are a lot of speaker stands available on line that fit your needs, and I'll bet a lot of guys have speaker stands they are not using and would sell. You aught to consider posting your general location.

Hey....sorry the delayed response. Thanks everyone's responses. I'm located in the Chicago area. I've been looking around prior to seeing these replies and I am liking the Pangea Audio DS-400 stands. I'm in no rush because I'm still on the upgrades speaker cables from Morrow Audio. 
Hey back to the ditzy question, how did you owners mount the Studio HDs to the stands? Legacy revcommended drilling holes but that absolutely frightens me plus next owner probably wouldn't appreciate that mod haha.