Stands for Green Mountain Europa

I just ordered a pair of Europa at Anthony at Perrotta Consulting. Very friendly guy to deal with. Item will arrive in 10 days direct from Green Mountain. Even though he sells $18,000 EgglestonWorks speakers, he is still very nice to the average joe spending under $800 with him. That's enough feedback for him. :)

Anyways, each Europa speaker weighs 45 pounds. I am looking for stands to match these. Is the recommended height 24" as Jceisner is using or anywhere from 22-25" is ok?
Tweeter should be at ear level so a logical thing to do is go measure yourself in your favorite listening chair.
Osiris 24.5" stands are best by far. You can also easily adjust tilt if needed. Signature Sound was the last place to get them new, they are now sold out.

S.S. was selling for 299.00 inc. shipping.
Gaudio_eek is right. The tweeter needs to be at ear height, or even higher so you're ears are mid way between the tweeter and the woofer, when you're seated your listening position. Just stand up and you'll hear it. The further away you are from the speakers the less critical this is. Roy's recommendation of a 24"'ish high stand assumes the listener is seated about 10' away on an average-height couch/chair. A 24" stand puts the tweeter center at about 42" off the floor.

The stands need to be a bit beefy because, as you mention, the speakers are a bit beefy, hefting in at 45lbs each. You certainly can tilt the speakers if you need to. Roy says that this can disturb a bit the way the woofer interacts with the floor, but he does recommend doing this in the Europa manual.

All that said, once you're in the spot they are outstanding speakers. No doubt about it to me. They are one of the few speakers, IMHO, that begin to create a "roundness" to music. Not only can you locate things in space, each of those things has a dimensional quality. For $880/pr. they're a very fine speaker.
Haha..I just saw this string. I ordered a pair from Anthony on Monday. Last week I bought a pair of Osiris stands which arrived this week.

I think he has more.

Osiris/Europa works for me (see my system). It looks like they're made for each other...great match.
Just received my Skylan stands, which I bought at the recommendation of Roy of GMA. Excellent. Noel of can customize them for you to any height, and they mate perfectly with the Europas (e.g., speaker platform fits exactly). Each stand takes 25 lbs of sand.
Beautifully packaged with absolutely everything you need, clear instructions, easily assembled.
Ultimate Support out of Colorado also work/look well with the Europa's. Can be filled with sand. Great speakers.