Stands for Dynaudio 1.3 MKII

I need a pair of stands for my Dynaudio 1.3's. I bought a pair of Premier J50's which I like but at 26" I find them just a bit too high. I'm going to try 24" stands. My budget is $150-200. So far, I'm thinking of the Target HR60's or the Atlantis Pro Series. Any opinions? Do I need to spend more to really make it worthwhile? Thanks for any help.
I believe a pair of Sound Anchors custom built to fit your speakers can be had for within your price range. They are the best stands for monitors I have ever had. Check for pricing and ordering information.
I have a pair of Studio Tech stands for my Dynaudio Special 25's and they are wonderful (both!). The stands can be found around $250 on the net.



good luck!

Used osiris if you can find them.