Stands for B W N805

Original B&W stands or Soundanchor dedicated stands ? Which one makes the N805s to sound better ? I like the look of the B&W one but I would consider sound quality more important. Please help. Thanks.
Sound Anchors are the best stands by far on any B&W speaker. They custom make a stand for the Nautilus 805's that are superb.
Sc53, can you actually say for sure that the Sound Anchors best the B&W 805 stands?
I haven't heard them side by side in my actual listening room, but at my dealer's I didn't like the looks of the B&W stands, and I didn't think they looked particularly sturdy or heavy. So I ordered Sound Anchors and thought they were superb. I also liked the looks better. At my dealer's, the 805's on the B&W stands had lightweight bass. On Sound Anchors, the 805's didn't even sound like they needed a sub. Just my opinion, though.
Thanks SC53 for your help.