Stands for 33Hs ?

May be about to acquire some Levinson 33Hs. Can anyone recommend a suitable stand for them, ideally something that matches their footprint.

I have finite elemente master reference supports for the other equipment but their amp stands are a little too large.
See if you can find a good computer tower stand (they have a similar footprint to a 33H) and then add spikes or cones.
I own a granite import/fabrication company that typically makes 1" thick granite slab platforms for amps and speakers all the time.
You can see the granite colors at
If you are interested, e-mail me your dimensions and granite color. I can give you a great price.
Gregg Froman
Though they're on the expensive side, Silent Running Audio makes custom stands for the 33Hs. In my experience, SRA makes the best isolation devices available--and I've tried a bunch of 'em.