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I'd like a pair of nice stands for some heavy speakers (~30lbs each) that are also quite large (8"x13" WxL footprint) I haven't found a pair of stands that looks like it would be good for these. I'd like to keep it under $100 for the pair.
Monoprice has 24ā€ steel stands that look to be pretty solid for $80 a pair. Not sure how much shipping will cost...

Monoprice Monolith 24ā€


Sorry geoff, they where notĀ Brilliant Pebbles, just pedestrian ones from a 40lb. bag at Home Depot....Ā Ā  šŸ„Œ
I found some Acoustic Energy cast iron 24" stands in Goodwill a while ago.Ā  Cost all of $20 bucks.Ā  Very heavy suckers they are.Ā  They proudly hold my Celestion SL6si speakers in my office.
If you know where to get a set of Sound Anchors for $100 please feel free to share that info.
I would recommend Symposium Super plus however at $100.00 pair good luck with that one.
Try VTI "VSP Series"

But, they're about $200 / pair. I have them and filled with sand to make for a very SOLID stand. If you go with cheeper wood stands your sound will come out more hollow. Otherwise, keep watching the used market and you're bound to find something but shipping is another concern with weight being an issue...

For 149 free ship from amazon it very well make , beautifulĀ Edifier S2000PRO Wood Grain Speaker Stands Enhanced Audio Listening Experience For Home Theaters
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If ebm had a dollar for every time he said that....oh, wait, I see! Thatā€™s a pretty sweet deal heā€™s got going. šŸ°