Standmount speakers. I have $5000.

I'm shopping standmount speakers. I have $5000.  New or pre-owned is fine.


Micromega M100 integrated pre/amp/dac
Syzygy SLF870 sub x2 (12" drivers, 1200w ea, 20-200Hz, room correction)
Dynaudio Stand 4

room = ~5000 cu. ft, 20'x 18' with 13'-17' vaulted ceiling

The new standmounts will replace Nola Boxers v1 ($1500 new in 2013)

I'm lazy about travel to audition anything but might for local options (esp. to vet pre-owned). I'd probly deal with in-home trial.

As semi-arbitrary starting point I'm looking at Salk SS 7M's ($4995 new). Any others I simply must consider?

I like those Boxers tho....
Wharfedale Lintons 85th Anniversary killer for the price..
Quad Z2
Revel M126Be
Kef R3
Used Harbeth 30.1
Used Dynaudio C1
Used Jospeh Audio Pulsars
I definitely like Fritz's designs...
Add the Elac Adante monitors to their on sale for $1500 pair...but you will need some muscle to push them...but they are a phenomenal deal...
Those Joseph Audio Pulsars under $4K?  Thread over.  
@usery  I heard them at the Capital Audio Fest.  So impressed I went back a couple of times.  At the show, the only standmounts that outdid them were from Gamut, at ~5x the price.  Also, how many do you see offered for resale?... very few.
If you haven't already done so, do call Fritz. He will speak with you at length about any and all concerns or questions. I see that Vapor Audio has been mentioned as a contender. I agree. I haven't heard any Vapors but the flexibility they offer is such a plus. I did hear the Joseph Pulsars at a show and was gobsmacked.