Standmount speakers 4k-8k

On the lookout for standmount/bookshelf in the 4k-8k range. I've now got Monitor Audio GX-50 which are great for the price but I'm looking higher now. 
So far I've heard Aerial 5t, Totem Element Fire and Kef Reference one. The Kef's offer a huge sound, but are, hard to describe it, a bit grainy in tone. The Totem are sweeter, but a little dead sounding. The 5t were really quite good--fast, clear, lively. None of them had noticeably better bass than what I'm using now! so I'm still in the hunt. 
Very interested to know if anyone has heard the new Monitor Platinum II line, particularly the 100s, which are what I'm interested in. 
I'll be listening to some Focals soon, and Dynaudio. 
Any other tips? I need to get something fairly small, and very conventional looking (that's why not listening to BW D3). 

Thanks folks. 
The KEF reference one are the best that I have heard in this price range. I own a pair of the blade two, and feel that the reference one are very competitive.  I have heard them with a number of amplifiers and source components in a listening room at a local high end dealer. They have been my favorites for the past two years. 
Some great options at your price. Key reference 1excellent choice. If you had issue problem likely elsewhere in chain. Also new B&W 805d3 is excellent. Used focal utopia Diablo.  Not sure of price for totem element stand mount. At the high end of your range you might find a very good small floor stand that has similar or smaller footprint. May find a used B&W 802 d. Best wishes
With what you said about your electronics I don't think you've truly heard your Monitor Audio's yet.  You always want the start of the chain to be the strongest.  How can you end up with great sound if you don't START with great (sounding...don't have to be expensive) components and cables?  Also, you are starting down a slippery slope if you think you have to spend significantly more to get better.  I have heard a pair of Focal Aria 900's sound absolutely life changing hooked up to the right stuff (if you're curious it was a Marantz SACD player Prima Luna Prologue Premium preamp and pair of Red Dragon audio M1000's).  If you got more specific in telling about electronics maybe would have some suggestions but I am sure you probably haven't got the most out of those Monitor Audios...IMHO