Standmount or wallmount?

I am going to upgrade the speakers (B&W LM1s) for my nearfield PC audio system. My budget is $350 to $600. So far, I'm looking at Focal, Wharfedale, Usher, Era, Mission, Monitor Audio, Accoustic Energy, KEF, PSB, Totem, Quad, B&W and Mordaunt-Short.

Some of these speakers are wall mountable. I have the LM1s on inexpensive 24" wood stands. If I go standmount I will have to buy some good stands which will break my budget with some of these speakers. Wall mounting will obviate the need to spend additional $$$ on stands.

As far as optimim placement for speakers, my intuition tells me standmount over wall mount. Do you agree?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated (including brands I should also look at).
In general speakers sound better out in the room on stands, the positioning is much more flexible, etc. For reasonable stands go to your local yard art dealer and get some concrete collums which they or you can paint. They will be very rigid and not cost much. If you want good looking wood ones look at the TIMBERNATION site.