Standing in the shadows of....

Have you guys seen,"Standing in the shadows of Motown".If you were even earshot of a radio in the sixties and seventies this documentary will bring back the old days.Not to mention the fact of no one ever wondered who played on all those songs.A MUST see time and time again.How about Joan Osbourne ? Wow!
Hi Kgveteran,

Yes! It was GREAT! To hear those great musicians playing together again was phenomenal.

Joan Osbourne was terrific but they could have left Bootsy Collins off of the project as far as I am concerned.


Barry Kohan
I just saw it at Circuit City for $10! A steal and I agree about Joan Osbourne, she belts it out!!! The music sounds identical to the original recordings, something special indeed.
mind-blowing ALL the great hits they put their magic to.
agree with the previous posts concerning joan osbourne. was never impressed until then. also enjoyed ben harper. kurt
Just last week I've purchased 'The Best Of THE FUNK BROTHERS' 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection.
The Funks weren't simply hired hands. They were company employees who reported to work, showed their I.D. , read the call sheet, plugged in, worked up hooks, lines and leads, cracked on each other's mamas, and off they went. They did it with rarely a change in the cast every day for 14 years, until Motown moved its base of operations to LA.
They are indeed the greatest hit machine of all time.
I can also give this one 2 big thumbs up! Great stuff! Dennis Coffey-Scorpio...ahhhh...that's a monster!
They could have given Bootsy the boot.Wish more people could see it.$10 bucks, what a steal.
I have the audio CD and it sounds great! BTW, Stereophile magazine had it listed as one its "records to die for" in its latest annual (February, I think!) feature.