Standard Color Coding for Cartridge Hookup

OK - this sounds stupid, but the info is nowhere to be found in the manual... Can someone confirm the standard color coding for attaching a cartridge to a headshell. My current understanding is:

R+ Red
L+ White
R- Green
L- Blue

My LP12 w/ Denon DL103R sounds like the main vocal or solo saxophone is coming out of the sides of the setup - but I'm using the following color coding:

R+ Red
L+ Blue
R- Green
L- White

Should I switch to the top one? I've experimented by switching one speaker cable's +/-, and I get a centralized voice but seemingly duller bass. Not entirely consistent.


If it's an Ittok:

Red - Right Positive
Green - Right Ground
White - Left Positive
Blue - Left Ground

If you need a copy of the Ittok owners manual and a very good exact copy of the Ittok mounting template let me know through the Audiogon email.

Some samples, of some cartridges, have been found to be wired incorrectly, as can happen with any hand made goods. My 103D is, however, correctly wired.