Standalone DAC player with SD card/USB flash drive slots

Hello, I am looking for some quality stand alone DAC player that comes with built-in (micro) SD card slots or ports for those common USB flash drive sticks (the ports that your computer has) or both. So that you can play your favorite music directly from a SD card or USB stick without having to connect your notebook computer to the USB port (not for those USB sticks) usually located on the back of the DAC player via a cable. I really hate looking at my notebook sitting on the top of the rack and occupying outlet. I believe my notebook should stay with me all the time wherever I go - desk, bed, sofa, airplane, etc.... BUT NOT on the top of another audio equipment. Of course I don't want to buy another notebook just for that purpose. Are there any copyright issues involved in making such DAC players? Or there's no demand for such units? Makes me wonder.
My Oppo 105 has USB ports for playing flash drives.  The internal DAC can be used from the player or an external DAC used.
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OP,  Oppo UDP-203 has a latest DAC for half the price - $549. Or you can wait for upcoming 'reference' Oppo UHD-205. 

The Oppo Sonic seems to be the one I'm looking for. Thanks for the info.