Stand's for Magico Mini

Is anyone aware of any alternitive stands that will work awesome with the Magico Mini? Rather than the expensive $5500.00 stands manufacture offers. Thank You
yes indeed. Go to They have two stand systems that are significantly less and sound fantastic. Speak to
Robert. I owned their Sistrum Mini Platform system. Used them with my Revel M20s and Caravelles. Stands are very important as they are a true extension of the speaker. Going cheap can have deleterious effects on your sound. I believe they offer a moneyback guarantee after 30 days should they not deliver. Can't beat that with a stick. The stands are visually stimulating, as well. peace, warren :)
Why would you ever want to do that? There are 'feets' built INTO the bottom of the speakers where the ball bearings go to. They decouple in a very specific way, not just any stands would do. not to mention, the MM are very large, not that many stands will be up to task.

i just took deliver of my MM last week.

I don't believe any one would argue that the Magico stands are not ideally suited to the Magico Mini speakers - I'd be very surprised if they were not the best sonic match available. For my tastes, they are most certainly the best cosmetic match. The picture you posted of them setup in your room is ample proof of that - many thanks.

However, I too will be investigating the same route that "Heinrichmilw" is currently researching. I will likely be able to afford a pair of Magico Mini's (after saving up for a while), but adding another $5500 to it would significantly shift the balance to the point of making them not affordable. The way I see it is that I can first purchase a set of Magico Minis with a non-Magico stand of decent quality and in the future, circumstances permitting, attempt to step up to the matching Magico stands.

All the very best with the Magico's - please do keep us updated on the TAS forum as to what you discover along the way - it will certainly help those of us who are to follow.

Many thanks,
Sound Anchors will build you heavy steel stands in any dimensions that tickle their fancy.
Hi Neville,
Indeed, you can save a lot of money by not buying the stands, but I would seriously question how well that will work as the Mini decouple from the stands in a unique way via the use of 3 ball bearings. The 'cups' are part of the mini's cabinet. So even if you find third party stands, the 'plate' needs to cover a VERY big area ( I assume you have seen the MM ).
The stands 'vibrate' in a way that I believe adds to the bass response of the MM overall. I have not yet tried, but I suspect that using the MM on non dedicated stands will go far beyond then just affecting them visually. I suggest you contact Alon Wolf.
I have a pair of Audio Dimension stands. They where used for my Pro Response ll's. They weigh in excess of 100 lbs.. By raising the front spikes and lowering the back, would this not give me my 3 degree rise. As well, how hard would it be to weld a larger piece of metal to the top, or to screw down a thick piece of Baltic Birch plywood. Drilling holes for the three ball bearings is childs play. I agree the MM stands are beautiful, but getting the speakers now, and saving for proper stands later, sounds like a smart idea.
Hi Cousinbillyl,
What you or others need to find out if you intend to just buy the Magico Mini, without their dedicated stands, is whether the stands actually contribute to the sonic reproduction of the MM. I suspect the ans is yes. But I really cannot verify.
You can easily find heavy stands, but whether they will ultimately give you the same sonic quality is something I am not sure of.