Stand Recommendation

I'm looking at picking up a pair of Fritz' Carbon 7 monitors ( - measuring 16H x 9W x 12D.

Consequently, I also need to pick up a pair of stands. In looking around, "good" stands seem to be ridiculously expensive.

I'd like heavy, wood stands that are mass loadable (kids & cats at home), as well as unfinished and/or as a kit so that I can save some cost and match the speaker finish myself.

So, any suggestions or thoughts on who offers such a stand at a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance,

good work, the spikes are at lowes too look in the hard ware and you will see the spikes that screw into the bottom
Here's a link to an article that walk'll you through on how to built the speakers stands that Dwhitt mentions.

Have fun.
Two concrete blocks placed one on top of another, on end, make an extremely cheap and effective stand. If placed on carpet, cones underneath are helpful. Sonically, they are as good as anything! They can be spray painted whatever color you wish, but flat black is this audiophile's choice.
Related to Twb2s idea. Go to a store that sells yard statues and other concrete articles and buy 2 colloms. some are quite good looking and can be painted to match whatever you want. I had though I discovered this myself but I found someone from Italy had suggested it some time ago. Google concrete speaker stands.
for less then the cost of good stands, get the carbon floorstander.