Stand out phono stages

This topic has been started before by others and myself as well, maybe too many times, but it is worth revisiting since the source is so very important!
So far I have had the pleasure to enjoy two worthy phono stages: the EAR 834p and the JLTI.
I have to admit they are spectacular. Obviously the record and all the equipment downstream play a role in the sound heard. In some cases I prefer the JLTI and in other cases the EAR. But neither out do the other dramatically.
What phono preamps outshine others by a big margin, those that can be considered the last phono preamp ever needed.
I recently went from a BAT VK-P10 to an AMR (Abbington Music Research) PH-77 and have never experienced such a profound change going from one component to another.

I loved my P10 and still think it is a really good PS, but the PH-77 added a lot of bass (tight, fast bass) to my system, and more weight and authority without reducing details or the beautiful high end my system always had.

Having a 300B SET based system, bass has always been a little lean, but the PH-77 really remedied that.
The moving coil section in my Deja Vu preamp. Outstanding.
What ever happened to Mr Pedrillo? He disappeared a number of years ago.
Has anyone heard the Van Den Hul The Grail SB if so can you comment.
Back from a long hiatus,
Lewm, to answer your question:
Gain for the RCA outputs can be set to 60, 50 or 40dB. Gain will be 6dB higher in each setting if using the XLR outputs (66, 56, or 46dB). There is an input impedance switch tab of 47kohms on the back of the unit that may be switched up to 10R for a fixed low output MC cart setting.
Input capacitance for high-output MC and MM cartridges can be set to 100, 200, 300, 420, or 520 pF.
Input impedance (input capacitance is irrelevant for low-output MC cartridges) can be set manually from 10 - 1200 Ohms.
The Pro-ject really offers almost endless options.
My two cents; nothing under $1,000.00 beats the DV P-75 MKIII when used with ANY low output DV cart of your liking. They are simply a match made in heaven, especially in enhancer mode.
That said, I cannot think of any other Phono-Pre that would work better for both of my MM carts (Sure V15 Type IV/Jico SAS and AT-ML170/occ) than the Pro-ject Phono Box RS Phono Pre.