Stand mounted speakers

What manufacturers offers nearfield, stand mounted speakers, with low compression, splendid focus, resolution and dynamics (near a fullrange) these days?
From $5000-15000?
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Dynaudio C1's.
Sorry as a C1 owner I think they are great. Should have mentioned Dynaudio special 25's if you like a more little forward sound (uses evidence drivers). Another good one is Sonus Faber Cremora Auditor M. Little more laid back than the C1's. Those are all the best monitors I've ever listened to. Personally I like monitors that are not forward but natural sounding without being too laid back.
PMC AML2's fully active monitors. No sub required. Outstanding sound and well worth a demo.

Having had, PMC AML-1 for a few years i know them pretty well. Owned the IB-2 before and used MB-2 for 1½ month. I can say the IB-2 and MB-2 is another league than AML-1.
How much better AML-2 is, i do not know. I look for something bettering IB-2, but confident in smaller spaces and also, more propper for nearfield.