stand-mount speakers for classical music

Last year's search for stand-mount speakers got scuttled by other priorities. I used the time since to optimize existing config and critically evaluate all the thingz.

> 90% of my listening is classical up to moderate dB, remaining 10% is mix of electronic, alternative and classic rock up to loud dB ( >= 12 o'clock on -dB dial).

Classical breakdown: 70% chamber/solo instrumental and vocal, 30% orchestral and opera.

Gear: Micromega M-100 int amp, Nola Boxer v1, dual Syzygy SLF870 12" 1000w subs w/ room-correction, all source material is streaming (.flac or Qobuz)

Room: challenged 3700cf L-shape with speakers centered at 7' point of a 27' head wall. Vaulted ceiling to 13', hardwood floors, some rugs.

Budget: under $5K

Grateful to hear from other standmount owners with similar listening profiles.
verdant said:
...make me want to take an ice pick to my ears...
thanks Verdant for the helpful post esp. with you demo’ing a M-150. Note I have a M-100 (less 50w power and no room correction).

What specifically are you hearing for the M-150 sound profile, and what speaker attributes are you thinking won’t work well with the M-One family?
The M-150 sounds neutral to a hair forward.  Amazingly detailed but with a speaker that has a forward sound profile, this could get bright and painful very quickly.  
My Blackthorn is 1-2dB forward above 2.2khz.  Sounds wonderful with a Marantz integrated but I found it unpleasant with the Micromega.  Perfect with my more neutral speakers.  A couple of those are forward of neutral and will sound hard and metallic.  

Most of the BBC design speakers are very good with classical.