Stand mount speakers for a very large room !!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year 2017!
A good number of you are probably asking yourselves: "why not full range speakers for a very large room?"
Well, you see, I reside on the remote and exotic island of Madagascar, and shipping large speakers from the US is beyond my budget at this time...
I do own a pair of SVS SB12NSD subwoofers, which I'll use to assist the eventual stand-mount speakers in filling my very large (75 sqm) living room with what I hope will be good sounds!
The question is, what speakers will best match my setup, musical tastes, and above described circumstances?
First, a little about my equipment and listening tastes/habits.
I currently use:
- Peachtree Audio Nova 125 and Luxman LV120 integrated amplifiers;
- NAD 516 BEE and Luxman DZ120  CD players;
- Audio-technica turntable
- Magnepan MMG and Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 bookshelf speakers
I originally purchased the Nova 125 to use with the MMGs, but they are definitely not suited to the large room...
So, I have set aside the MMG's (will move them to a smaller room), and would like to acquire a pair of stand mounters that will make a real difference from the rather cheap Wharfedales, which, to be fair, don't sound all that bad when helped by the SVS subs crossed over at 80Hz...
Most of my music comes from CDs and 128-320 Kbps mp3 files, although I am in the process of rebuilding my entire collection in FLAC format. I also own a couple hundred vinyl albums.
My musical tastes are eclectic: Jazz, Pop, Classical, World music, Classic Rock, etc. and not always in that order...
Voilà, there you have it! I'm really counting on your experienced guidance and advice as making such a purchase is like a no return trip for my. I have to make the right choice, or at least one that I won't regret, the first time around. Unfortunately, there are NO HiFi outfits to speak of here, and my international travel is restricted these days... So I have to base my choice on what I read, and sometimes, hear on youtube... which is, of course, oh so far from ideal...
So, THANK YOU for having taken the time to read this rather lengthy post, and especially, for your opinions, advice, tips, etc.  
Regards, Jean-Louis R.
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Highly dependent on budget, but I would suggest the Harbeth's.. I think they can be shipped from the UK....

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Find the least efficient; 85-87 dB, largest and heaviest stand mount speakers in your budget and the most powerful amplifiers (read heaviest) you can afford and you should be all set.
I agree with daveyf on the Harbeth suggestion. Especially if you can't audition them. 
Thanks very much for your useful and knowledgeable advice/recommendations.
I can spend only up to 1500$ on speakers at this point as I also need to acquire a good DAC shortly.
I would love to have the funds to afford Harbeth... that WILL come at a later time. Really enthused about the Jade 3 suggestion. The STEREOPHILE review is stellar, and my modest Diamond 8.2 bookshelves, while nothing to rave about, have served me well thus far.
Has anyone heard the
NOVA 125/Jade 3 combo by any chance?
What other integrated amps work well with the Jade 3?
Any advice on a good DAC? (700$ budget)
Please keep in mind that size/weight are important factors for me as I will ship these to MADAGASCAR at substantial added cost. Hopefully I can maximize value for money buying used gear on AUDIOGON.
Thanks again everyone!! jlr261
aren't you worried about tropical heat & humidity too?

also, can you split a shipping container with some friends?

you could fill it with maggie 20's, wine and cheese...

otherwise, the new KEFs are getting a lot of attention
Happy New Year to you as well!  Dynaudio comes to mind as their monitors are known for large dispersion of sound meaning they work quite well off axis.  They typically like power and especially current.

Given your existing amplification, Tannoy DC8.  They're dual-concentric and thus more of a point source/focused, but have the boldness to fill a large listening are.  Let me know how you progress. 

In general stand mounted loudspeakers sound best when used with fairly substantial stands.  It's possible that the stands + monitors could weigh as much and be as bulky as a floorstander.

Are you trying to fill the large room with sound or will you position things in a section of the room with a more near-field setup?
I rarely recommend speakers, choice too subjective. Buy a used DAC from reputable seller here on AG. There is a Schiit Bitfrost Uber for sale now, at $290 would make for a good match with your other equipment. Finding a seller of used equipment that will ship to you may be difficult. 

I vote for the B&W 805 D3. Even on YouTube, you can tell they sound great. Good luck!
I'm not sure if you would have any building skills at all, but these would require little. I've been building for years. These were designed by someone who has the ability to design for anyone... 
An incredible value at $1000 a pair.
I hope this helps, Tim
+1 for Wharfdale Jade 3

Impressive mid range response! No mid range off axis response dip as is commmon in nearly all speakers (even high end speakers)

Can such a small speaker really fill your room - that would be my concern - since you have an SVS subwoofer if you can combine this with the Jade 3 then I think it should be fine!
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Reference 3A de Capos

2 way with no crossover  92db eff  with 8.25 inch woofer

clean, dynamic
JBL, in particular the 4312. They have good power handling and adjustable MF and HF that should help for a large room where there is going to be HF loss.
My first thought was Harbeth, then found out your budget.
I am using the small Pioneers (can't recall the model) that got rave reviews in TAS and Stereophile, that were designed by Andrew Jones, in a third system at home.
Speaking of Jones, his Elac speakers are getting rave reviews also.
Good luck and happy hunting!

WOW! Thanks for all your responses! 
JBL 4312... a dream... but out of my range it seems. (I spend a lot of time dreaming while watching/listening to Kenrick Sound JBL videos on YouTube!!)
Tannoy DC8, Splendor S3/5R², KEF R300, KEF LS50, DYNAUDIO Focus 160 or X14, all sound great, on paper...need more input from actual owners!
I can have stands made out of blocks of beautiful granite here for very little money, or even with one of the many varieties of precious hardwoods that can be found here. The stands won't be an issue.
I will definitely use the 2 SVS subs I already own, which will go a long way in helping to fill the very large room with sound.
In the end, what I am really looking for is a reasonably priced pair of stand mounters that will match my existing equipment, plus a good DAC.
The Wharfedale Jade 3 are available for 999$ at Music Direct, which appears to be a great deal, leaving me with an additional 500$ to put towards the DAC (up to 1500$). I have all Blue Jeans cables and interconnects. 
Reference 3A de Capos sounds great, but way over my humble budget.
Same for the Harbeths, B&W 805 D3...
Not handy enough to go the DIY route at this junction.
The setup is located smack in the middle, at one end  of the room, but with more space behind it...
The smaller Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 bookshelves definitely cannot to fill the room with good enough midrange and high frequencies, without  very audible distortion. The MMGs are also useless in this room!
I really need a pair of "sturdy" stand mounters with at least 6.5" woofers, but critical will be the mid and high frequencies rendition and ability to blend in with the subs in THAT room...
In any case, thanks for all of your advice and recommendations, keep them coming! I could post pictures of the room and current setup... would that give everyone a better idea? Is this possible on Audiogon?
Regards! jlr261
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Well if I lived in Madagascar I would take a look at Wilson Benesch. They are all about smaller and lighter ( carbon fiber is extremely light ) plus they have a good selection at pricing. I think there is a dealer in Australia. Once you hear them you won't want any other speaker. 
Well... if... you’re after incredible sound in a stand mount monitor, you will find none better than the WaveTouch Audio Grand Teton’s (now Antero’s). Many are replacing their high-end floor standing speakers with these.

I have the Grand Teton’s and they sound as good as any I have, or have heard. They have a huge soundstage and produce a big sound - they’re pretty efficient.

And... they’re fairly priced... especially... if you buy a pre-owned set.

Plus, they have a return period, if you try them and don’t like them. But, you will.

I have had great luck with raidhos and dynaudios. I've only ever owned stand mounters. Worth looking into both brands.

Dealer disclaimer: I carry raidhos. I do not carry dynaudio but have owned many models in the past. I found the raidhos to be a nice step up but the dyns pack a huge sound and are great bang for the buck
I've had Dynaudio monitors (Countour 1.3 MkII) on stands for 15 years and I think they're great.  With a good subwoofer, even better.
Consider your budget, B&W CM5 S2. I have them in 14 x 24 room, SS amp 300 watts per channel. Overkill perhaps but they play very loud and sound quite good. Mine are the "Rosenut" finish and look great! Are there better speakers out there? Sure. But for $1500.00 from Best Buy I expect you’ll be happy.
Review for the CM5 "Non S" version below. The "S" version has different tweeter, mid driver and perhaps crossover. It is the newer version. Cheers!
Australia would be better to look into for getting speakers as others suggested.
I would look into WLM Diva or La Scala monitors - I do own the Diva and they can fill a room. Way more expensive new than your current budget, but sometimes come up used for less than 50% (I bougth mine in pristine condition on AG for 30% of original price). 
I have many systems in my house inclduing vinateg SS gear, went through 50 paits of spekaers from AR3a, Quad ESL 63, KEF 104, Vandersteen 2c, Audi Physic Virgo, ADS 1530/980/1290/910. soem vintage JBL, ProAc, Thiel, etc. and ended up with low power amps from Almarro, Trafomatic and Shindo paired iwth high sensitivity speakers.
In my experience (and many of my audio / music loving friends) nothing sounds better than the WLM coupled with entry level Shindo gear out of all my collection. I recently added a pair of Altec Flamenco to my system (which I really like) and still according to my friends, the Diva wins hands down. No affiliation with any of the mentioned manufactureres.
Good luck.
I also have a very large room. 18ft tall ceiling, 28 x 18 open on both sides to a dining room and another living room on the left and on the right a bar room. I use Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Signature Monitors ( MTM w/ SEAS Millinieum tweeter and SEAS Excel mids). Will play very loud with a subwoofer. The drivers are used in speakers as high as $50K. I bought mine used directly from Ty with 2yr warranty for $1600! Giant killers. BTW, I use Anticables for speaker wire, no complaints.
Hello everyone!
Once again, THANKS very much for your valuable input and suggestions. Obviously, the challenge will be to select and acquire a pair of stand mounters that can handle the mid and high frequencies with recognized talent, allowing for the SVS subs to seamlessly tackle the low frequencies in such a large room.
Bob_reynolds, yes, I plan to high-pass the main speakers to relieve them of the bass duties in such a large room.
Many of your suggestions have my attention, even if I am not really familiar with all the of the brands mentioned, other than from reading articles... The WaveTouch Audio Grand Teton, Wilson Benesch, Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Signature Monitors, and WLM Diva are very interesting options indeed, I definitely have to learn more about them.
At this junction, and taking into account all the restrictions mentioned in my original post (budget - weight/bulk - room size, etc.) I am looking at Wharfedale Jade 3 - Elac Debut B6 -  GoldenEar Technology Aon 2/3 -Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 - Dynaudio X12/X14 - Revel Performa M106 - KEF R300, etc. (not necessarily in that order...). 
Of course, I'll be looking for deals on used speakers here, hoping to upgrade in quality while staying within the budget.
That's it for now. Thanks again, I'll let you all know how things evolve! jlr261
I agree with a few of the posts that Dynaudio would be a great choice for a small speaker that will fill a large room. You may be able to get into a Focus 160 within your budget which imo is a good step up from the excite series. My experience with Dynaudio is that they don't set out to dazzle you but they are well balanced and play every genre very well and have an "analog" quality to them. 
Couple more to consider would be used Usher BE718 or Paradigm S2. With sub crossed over at 80hz I think any of these would do you well. 
Hi Mofojo,
Thanks for the input, in fact, there'a a pair of Focus 160 up for grabs that I've been eyeing... Not looking for a miracle at my budget point, merely an honest straightforward sound that won't insult my ears...
I'll also look into the Usher and Paradigm models you mention. Thanks! jlr261 
Well why didn't you give us your budget in the first place. I would certainly have recommended the Wilson Benesch Endeavor. You can pick up a pair for under $49,950.

Light weight and they don't sound to bad.

i would go straight for these, NOW!! Betters many at much higher prices, ships directly from manufacturer. I live in Mauritius, not so far from you, got real high end speakers in my main room, and my second system has XTZ, just amazing for the price... nothing else to say.
I have a pair of Usher BE 718s. These are very good sounding transducers. Recommended highly by all! Non-fatiguing, can mate well to most any well designed sub. Will meet your budget!