Stand-Mount Speaker Suggestions Needed

I'm putting together a dedicated music system, and I'm looking for suggestions for decent stand-mount speakers that will mate well with a Rogue Sphinx integrated amp. They will go in a carpeted bedroom that is 13x12, and sources will be a Clearaudio TT and a CD player for now, and I still need to buy all cables. My budget is up to about $1500 for speakers. I listen mainly to 60's & 70's soft rock, pop, jazz, and some country. I like a fuller, rich sound, but with clear highs, and I listen at lower volumes, though it might get cranked up if I'm home alone. No plans for a sub at this time, but maybe later if needed. Speakers that I am initially considering because of positive on-line comments are:

Nola Boxer
Ascend Sierra 2
Dynaudio Excite 12
Revel Performa 3 M106
SVC Ultra Bookshelf

Thoughts on how these and any others might work out would be appreciated. Limited opportunities for me to audition these so far.
ATC SCM 11 (new 2013 model)

What Hi-fi 5-star rating

".... Best stand-mounter £800-£1500, Awards 2013. ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented stand-mounters anywhere near this price ...."
I love Nola. Great choice.
Fritz speakers (no contest)